Legacy Project - Fresno 2019 is a collaboration between VISIONS Inc. and
Helping Others Pursue Excellence H.O.P.E. Inc.'s Queen Califia Empowerment Project. 

This summer youth employment, training, and development program held at
Vision View Business Formation Center, Fresno CA. is   sponsored in part by the California Endowment- Fresno. 

For the past 10 years the Legacy Project has given  teens and young adults the opportunity to learn presentation, facilitation, and other leadership skills through the VISIONS model and gain experience in organizing and running a community arts event. The program includes a  focus on history, identity, personal/ professional development, social justice and restoring equity.  
 The program teaches young people how to be instruments of social change by empowering them to understand the root causes of systemic inequalities, and equipping them with the skills necessary to be educators of other youth to help create change.  Program participants gain the ability to understand their current reality through historical, economic, and psychological lens that takes into account the effects that such oppression has over time on individuals and communities.